I feel you… And you and you and you

Recently, I was discussing (OK, commiserating) with some cousins about why some people have good relationships and others don’t. The discussion delved into how people who feel too much often do so to their own detriment. And then I saw the story below on Facebook.

If this describes you, you might not be crazy after all.

Empath Traits: 22 Signs You Are A Highly Sensitive Person
By Barrie Davenport
Have you ever walked in a room and had a wave of negative energy wash over you?
Have you had a conversation with a stranger and could tell, without them saying a word about it, that they were deeply troubled or sad?
Do you ever feel so profoundly moved by something beautiful that you start to cry?
If any of these ring true for you, you might be an empath — a highly sensitive person who has a more heightened awareness to subtle stimuli.
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