Smart and Savvy 7-Year-Old Saves Mom

Like most boys, Jacob Sizemore can’t wait to spend time with friends or head to the lake. When he and his mom, Julie, aren’t at the beach or traveling across country, Jacob is rummaging for games at yard sales while his mom looks for deals on items that can help her remodel their house in Mountain Home, Ark.

Yet when his mom had a medical crisis about 18 months ago, Jacob behaved more like an adult than a little boy. At the time, Julie was recovering from a severe injury and accidentally took five times her prescribed dose of insulin. Jacob, who was 7, went into his mom’s room expecting her to be awake and instead found her unconscious.

“She was having, like, a seizure,” Jacob says. He says he didn’t shake or touch her because he “didn’t want to mess with her in case there was something really bad happening with her.”

He knew he needed to get help, but after some confusion about the address with 911, Jacob remembered OnStar.

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