Photography skills translate to the operating room… minus the camera

Rachel Holland

Rachel Holland met her husband on a photo shoot. She also met Hillary Clinton, Kid Rock, Eminem, and Roger Penske. But the advent of digital photography changed everything.


Life, not production, makes an artist

Yvette Rock by Julie Pincus

Artists get stuck in the production of something, thinking ‘Man, I haven’t been making work and I question am I an artist.’ It’s because we don’t punch in and punch out.

The death of the print arts and culture review

Daily newspapers have been grappling with the rise of the internet and decline of print advertising; and, therefore, a business model that doesn't work for supporting local arts and culture coverage. The result has been a re-evaluating of priorities that for the most part kicked arts coverage to the curb. How did we get there and what's next?

You call yourself a what? Acting identity inherent in local artists

Scott Norman wearing a uniform and holding a gun in "The Wars of Other Men" by Mike Zawacki.

“I’m an actor" can stick in an artist’s throat. It seems like a statement that has to be earned. But how? Is it something you say after your first paid gig? After you get an agent? Or are you always an actor, and you just sometimes get paid for it? Two artists recently shared their views on that subject and, it seems, they are both kind of uncomfortable with the “actor” label. Perhaps it’s because they are both so much more.